NOT SO PERFECT SHRED- $4.99/2# pkg = $2.49/lb - priced based on average weight of a 2# bag

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Not so Perfect Shred:  Regular Price $2.49  Sale Price $1.99  (While Supplies Last)

Cheeses Straight from the Shredding Room.  An assortment of imperfect bits, pieces and chunks all mixed together with whatever is getting shredded on a given day.  Sealed in a 2# bag (approximate weight).

You can request what you'd like and not like for the shred in the comments sections of the site.  However, there is no guarantee.  Yellow Cheddar alone is rarely available, please do not request. Again, this is a MIX of cheeses and rarely one cheese by itself.

Cheese works great to use on pizzas, casseroles, lasagnas. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review